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Welcome to Northern Crossroads!

You have reached the Northern Crossroads Mud Wiki Homepage, to access the game please download a ftp/mud client and connect to us using port:9000 . If you have knowledge of NC and would like to add content please feel free to do so.

Northern Crossroads is a MUD or Multi-User Dungeon. It is a multiplayer real-time virtual text based world. In 1990, the release of DikuMUD, which was inspired by AberMUD, led to a virtual explosion of hack and slash MUDs based upon its code. This is the base for Northern Crossroads aka NCMUD's code.

Northern Crossroads has been online and undergoing frequent improvements since 1992. It offers a rich gaming experience with hundreds of finely-detailed areas of varying themes, and countless unique features within its game dyanmics.

Northern Crossroads is a diverse world of blade wielders, assassins and magic users who use their powers together to seek out the darkest dungeons. Decide between five classes, as allowed by your choice of ten races, and prove your strength to ascend to an Advanced class. Venture to dangerous zones with other mortals, claim the rarest of items, join one of several clubs and build your character to challenge other mortals. NC has enthralled players with hundreds of detailed areas of various themes since 1993 and is one of the oldest MUDs in the world.

Come experience a game that has withstood the test of time, keeping players enthralled for years, and, for many, over a decade.


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